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About Us

Welcome to cdVet.

With organic 100% natural pet products that keep your pet healthy.

For more than a decade, our company has been producing natural pet products coming up to the highest demands of health management, both with state-of-the-art keeping and feeding methods of farm animals or pets alike.

For this purpose, we offer for sale natural pet products that, based on an optimal supply of nutrients, particularly with micronutrients, assist physiological organic functions and metabolic processes and therefore maintain health.

Based on high-grade ingredients and gentle processing steps of our products, we effectively combine health and natural forces without unnecessarily stressing the organism.

We use high-quality, natural, genetically umodified natural ressources such as cold-pressed oils, herbs, essential oils and micronutrients from natural sources. In cdVet we produce natural pet products and consciously avoid synthetic additives and preservatives.